Common Core Controversy

Common Core is not just controversial; it IS a problem.

Objections from the Alliance for Childhood were raised in 2010 and IGNORED! The need arose to DEFEND the EARLY YEARS and they issued information that parents need to know. And although these standards may be better for some than others, they are not the best and one size never fits all. Plus, there is the issue of privatization of public education.

Think about this: It is one thing to like and use the Common Core National Standards; it is another to give control over public school curriculum and public school children’s data to non-profit associations and multinational corporations which have no obligation to U.S. children. The copyright to these standards are privately held. It is research on their development that forced me to say “NO.”

Personally, I view Common Core as a distraction from the bigger prize of control of federal education law. However, it all comes together in “Smart Options” & the Revolving Door of Common Core.

The public has been lied to and deceived. This is not a joke.

In a test-based accountability system like we currently have, whoever controls the tests controls what is taught.

“Sameness” is “standardization.” Same standards, same tests, “same” education is NOT equal access to quality education; it is standardization.

Standardizing instruction is not practicing to a higher standard.

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And on a final note, Common Core is not only divisive but has led to name-calling rather than reasoned, civil discourse. I have never thought of myself as a nutcase. I have never been a conspiracy theorist. And when I picked the title of my last Common Core blog, I did so for a reason. Authors usually have reasons for word choices. This one was written to get a rise out of people. It did. April 29, 2015 The Common Core Conspiracy

If people have accepted this divisive, risky investment, so be it. Divided we fall to further standardization and privatization of the public education system. On this, I want to be wrong.

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4 thoughts on “Common Core Controversy

  1. NCLB equaled accountability. This, Common Curriculum would/will, do the same. We well understand, you opt not to ‘ever’ be held accountability as America’s kids are shortchanged in you failing system. Its all about accruing years toward retirement -without adapting to the endless drumbeat that states -you don’t do an adequate job.
    Ron Deady
    Coeur D’Alene, Idaho 83814
    [email protected]

  2. Hi Ron, I appreciate your concern for America’s children.

    I am often mistaken for a teacher. I’m just a concerned citizen who must not have had the same experience you did with No Child Left Behind. In my kids schools, administration and teachers were so concerned about their reading and math scores that they didn’t do much writing, had no science to speak of in elementary school, and very limited social science….and no one was ever “accountable” for short-changing the students in my kids classes.

    So for me, NCLB was a one-size-fits-all law that didn’t “fit” for the kids in my community. The one-size-fits-all and test-based “accountability” are what Common Core Curriculum and NCLB do have in common in my mind – and are the basis of my protests.

    I have proposed a different accountability mechanism that I have yet to get posted here, but I will.

    I hope you’ll come back and visit. Thanks.

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