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Thanks for visiting me here. Yes, I write about education but I’m not a professional educator. In the education system, I was just a parent. Now, with no children of my own still in the public schools, I am just a citizen fighting to end the war on public schools. I am opposed to doing anything in the name of systemic reform that will knowingly do harm to some of our students chances for success in life.

In life, I’m a veterinarian and an incidental writer meaning my passion for improving public education is so strong it drove me to become a traditionally published author in the field of education. I set out to right some of the wrongs I was seeing in my schools and have been in the battle ever since.

Me (Victoria M. Young) pictured in 2009 with Miss Mia. Since then my hair has gathered wisdom highlights (silver), the dog has slowed down a bit, but the education reform war remains relentlessly unfaltering.

Me (Victoria M. Young) pictured in 2009 with Miss Mia. Since then my hair has gathered wisdom highlights (silver), the dog has slowed down a bit, but the education reform war remains relentlessly unfaltering.

For decades now I’ve been saying “it’s time for the revolution.” But what I didn’t know when I started down the road to becoming an education author is that the education revolution had already begun…without us.

Parents have been left out. Teachers have been pushed aside. And politics has overshadowed the crucial voice of the people.

So, that is what I’m all about —righting this wrong.

I’m still fighting for the kids I got to know in my schools. There are many more like them out “there.” Many of them are the Millennials that Baby Boomers are so critical of — they are the generation left behind by education and the Great Recession. They are the Lost Generation.

But all is not lost. What began as the standards, assessment, accountability, technology movement can be made into the necessary revolution in American education — a quality revolution — controlled by the People, not the corporate-elite that I fight against.

I look forward to the day I can stop fighting against the dismantling of pubic schools and start fighting for that almost long-lost vision of a quality revolution. The vision was not mine originally. It came from the Kennedy era and JFK’s pick for heading the Office of Education. They are why I went to the trouble of writing a book.

This book clarified for me what the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) set out to do.

I hope you’ll check out my books. And know this, I’m an e-mail away if there is anything I can help with. Just ask.

In a nutshell, citizen-driven school improvements need to direct and maintain control of the education revolution.

What I believeI know — is that we have the answers to the problems we have created.

In the weeks and months to come, I will be working to organize this website to help you find what you need to know. So keep checking the topic in education page for new updates. And remember…from the classroom to Congress, help is needed on every front.

Will we fight to keep public education publicly controlled?

If I can be of assistance in any other way, (I love questions) please contact me at victoriamyoung1@gmail.com

The Crucial Voice is ours.

Education’s Missing Ingredient is you.

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P.S. About my activism, here is one more “About Me” from the Save Our Schools March conference (click on it to read).Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 1.17.14 PMAbout My Books

5 thoughts on “About Me, Victoria M. Young

  1. Thank you for your expertise, wisdom and insight on this most important matter Ms. Young, DVM. I am looking forward to learning from and working with you for our youth and future.
    JMartinez, Ph.D.

  2. Love what you’re doing here! I just posted an article about the taxing of graduate stipends, proposed in the new tax bill–a ridiculous move that if successful, will crush graduate education, cripple higher ed (eventually no faculty to teach it!) and stand as an especially pernicious long-term destructive strike in the ongoing assault on education, first public and now private, in the U.S. I am using your article here as back-up for my post. As a fellow educator, I salute your efforts and pledge to stand strong with you!

    • Yes, the assault on the education of all citizens has been and continues to be on multiple fronts. We can only hope that once the house of cards begin to fall that their pretense of “reform” becomes obvious to all. The public has been fooled for way to long. We need more people to take a stand wherever and when ever they can. — And as you say, “stand strong.” Thank you.

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