Voices in the American Education Wars

The loudest voices in the American Education Wars in my lifetime — thus far — have been those in positions of power. But those voices have proven to be the wrong drivers of education reform policy. The country needs to listen to alternatives — real, proven — reforms.

Locally, any one can begin to explore school cultural and everyone should start now to either work with or change that culture.

As a wise man once explained, there are two things we need to do to as a nation to improve public education in America; educate educators better and change the power relationships in this country. His voice still resonates in the ears of those that listened to him.

My hope for this part of my website is to introduce other voices. I personally may not agree with everything they present — as I also never expected to have my views mutually agreed to — but they have come to my attention and deserve a wider introduction to the general public. If I can help with that, I’ve potentially become part of the solution.

I hope you’ll give their voices in the American Education Wars a listen …. and join the effort to Save Our Schools.

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