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Share what you learn.

Share what you learn.

The articles I’ve published elsewhere include:

“Smart Options” & the Revolving Door of Common Core. If you are not familiar with the key D.C. insiders who greased the skids that carried Common Core across the nation using Recovery Act dollars, read this one. Talk about money and politics! Wow!

30 Years Adrift on an Ocean of Reforms. This three-part series is an easy read that clarifies why people point at the Reagan administration as the beginning of our downfall in education, sets the record straight about A Nation at Risk, and introduces the suppressed Sandia Report. Part 1: We Set Our Course on Standards and Tests, Part 2: Debate Centered on Crisis Rather than Solutions Part 3: How We Lost Our Bearings

The Post-Election Politics of Education Written in 2011, this article was brought up from the depths of files since it is no longer available on It’s a quick historical review.

This one, NCLB: The Law of the Land at and as a solution by TruthOut under the title Direct the Department of Education and Congress to Remove Annual Standardized Testing Mandates was written as part of a petition campaign.

To Privatize or Not to Privatize explains that proof is emerging in countries who are extensively privatized and who lean on school choice that those “reforms” do not work.

The Education Lessons JFK Left Behind are gems waiting to be uncovered which I did for you in this article.

Strengths and Weakness: Of Tests and Children is found here on The Federalist Papers Project site.

Federal Education Law: Is It Constitutional? This article questions the prevailing beliefs about accountability, control of what is taught, and the constitutionality of the federal law we did call No Child Left Behind (now called the Every Student Succeeds Act).

The Rising Education-Industrial Complex Available here.

Is Common Core a Tool or Weapon? Research for this article is what first pulled me into looking at this topic…wished I hadn’t looked…The result is found here.

Every Child at Risk This article contains the advice to parents from A Nation at Risk. Read it.

****Building a Strong Foundation for American Education Of all the articles I have written, this is the one I would pick as “the must read.”

ESEA and Opportunity in America If we expect people to push policy that is fair and balanced, represents our expectations, and focuses on providing high-quality personalized instruction, the people must understand the basics of the original law (ESEA of 1965) that we called No Child Left Behind and is now called the Every Student Succeeds Act. This SHOULD be the must read.****

Who is The Child left Behind? I am confident in my ideals of equality so I am free to say what I have said. All parents should read this as should all others who care about education, No Child Left Behind, and getting it right. SORRY – this article is gone from I will post it at a later date…..This updated version became a blog.

Evaluating the Theory Behind No Child Left Behind I approached my analysis of No Child Left Behind using the scientific method. People seemed to enjoy this one!

This Idaho Parent Prefers Teachers to Laptops was published online in the Living in Dialogue blog and discusses the common education “reform” law insanity we were all experiencing but with an Idaho flavor. Students Come First, Putting Students First, StudentsFirst – question is, is “the plan” best for our kids, our communities, and our country?


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