Latin@ Voices in Multicultural Education

Latin@ Voices is a must read for American educators.

In the Latin tradition of testimonios, Latin@ Voices in Multicultural Education will draw you in and spark a deeper awareness of cultural struggles —both political and personal— that play-out daily on the stage of our American school system. With Dr. James Martinez showing the way in the first chapter, he astutely points out that “the pursuit of truth is the acquiring and use of multiple lenses.” And as truth is the best foundation for progress, Latin@ Voices provides informative yet entertaining voices that are essential in the effort to form the inclusive public education system our country must finally build.

Educators, please read Latin@ Voices in Multicultural Education. In this collection of stories, each personal testimonio gives you the opportunity to see through the lenses of this group of Latin@ professionals. Their truths will improve your pedagogy and expand the capabilities of future educators to better serve the diverse educational needs of our multicultural society.


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