Tucker Education-Labor System Plan & Report Card

The Tucker Plan for development of the American Education-Labor System is dependent upon national standards and data collection from cradle to career.

In the Education-Labor System, the tests were always meant to be used to judge potential labor productivity.

The goal of the Tucker Education-Labor System is “a seamless web of opportunities” in — “an outcome- and performance-based system” — a national system of education in which curriculum, pedagogy, examinations, and teacher education and licensure systems are all linked to the national general education standards” that creates “a new human resources development system for the United States.”

*Special NOTE: Usage of the terms “Labor” or “Workforce” also now includes Military Human Capital Development especially since military recruiters were given access to student information. That was not discussed as part of the Education-Labor System in the “Dear Hillary Letter.”

Proposal from Marc Tucker as written in the 1992 “Dear Hillary Letter” Results and Progress


“Legislation to accelerate the process of national standard setting in education”


“Regulated on the basis of outcome —not inputs into the system.” 


All students are guaranteed that they will have a fair shot at reaching the standards.”

School delivery standards are in place to make sure this happens.”


Failed. This is NOT an input-based system.


Never a priority.

“National performance standards (not time-in-the-seat standards or course standards) for college-level Professional and Technical certificates and degrees.”

Performance examinations for each.




Almost complete.

“All available front-line jobs — whether public or private — must be listed in it (The Employment Service) by law.”


Incomplete but in the works through public/private partnerships.
Driven by client needs” “Client” not defined — business, children and parents, or the “State”?
Early childhood “same kind of standard setting we have called for in the rest of this plan should inform the approach to this program.” Almost complete

“Computer-based system for combining this data”

The foundation for a centralized Federal Education /Labor & Military Workforce Data Base went into law 1/14/19 under the name Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking (FEPA H.R.4174)

State Longitudinal Data Systems – READY, U.S. Dept. of Labor Workforce Data Quality Initiative – FUNCTIONING, Data Sharing Initiatives – OFF AND RUNNING, Data Quality Curriculums – DESIGNED, Federal Funds to Support Efforts – ABUNDANT!

Data Privacy – Not an issue?

Data Security audit at the USDOE failed on all counts….repeatedly.

“1-1/2% levy on employers for training to support the costs associated with employed workers gaining these skills” No: Opposite occurred, corporate taxes were reduced.



PENDING: PROPOSED MERGER of U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Labor

Also check your state for Executive (Governor’s Office) Education and Labor programs/ public-private partnerships / STEM Action Centers for Business Partnerships / Social Impact Bonds / Pay-for-Success or Performance policies

“Interwoven with a new approach to governing”


Not Openly Discussed. Also not specified is the non-governmental overseer.

Governing approach clarified in 2013 by Marc Tucker — “recommends the weakening of lay- citizen participation in governance in favor of control by politicians, especially governors, elected to key positions in general government…”


The question remains: Who controls the information delivered and the data produced? P.S. It’s a whole system change. It is not “proven,”

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