What If…


What if People Pushed these ideas to Support Our Schools?

Improve School Climates: Quality Learning Conditions exist where students feel safe, where classrooms are places that nurture learning, where all children are expected to excel through personalized support and a wide range of high-quality learning opportunities which can only be made possible by welcoming families and all citizens into the development of life-long learning communities.

This must be done by us in our own communities.

Push the Question

Push the Questions – what and how.

Insist on a Responsive and Responsible System: Meaningful School Reform is respectful and democratic. “Meaningful” means focusing on practices that are best for students. To do this in a respectful, democratic manner aimed at continuously improving our existing schools means the opinions of persons from all social classes will be treated as being of equal value in the process. The system will respond to the public.

This must be done by pressuring Congress, the White House, and state legislatures to end test-based education and implement real school improvement policy.

Supply Adequate Resources: Fair Funding means ending competition for financial support that is essential to providing the basic learning needs for children in all our public schools; it means an end to dependency on local property owners who too often are suffering the most during economic downturns; it means putting in place an accountability system to ensure adequate funding is always a cooperative state and national responsibility.

This must be done through national and state accounting of public education dollars and proper, necessary, and fair laws to oversee the process.

Which path leads us to progress in education?

Which path leads us to progress in education?

WHAT IF the public carefully considered this American answer to the question of who governs our American schools?

And WHAT IF we looked closer at a more Balanced Curriculum in Our Classrooms?


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