The Change Process

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”   Leo Tolstoy


• is a PROCESS, not an event.
• is made by INDIVIDUALS first, then institutions.
• is a highly PERSONAL experience.
• entails DEVELOPMENTAL growth in feelings and skills.

The Change Process Starts with Individuals.

“All of us know that if we really are going to change what we do, we have to spend some time learning about how to do something different.”

Susan Loucks-Horsley (1947-2000)

Susan Loucks-Horsley’s Concerns-Based Adoption Model set the stage for new teacher indexprofessional development models based on her philosophies. Her working theory emphasizes that education leads to change. Change brings different levels of concerns to people. Concerns need to be addressed in order for people to progress to the action phase.

To be of benefit to our next generation of children in America, who are currently going through the public education system, we must first look inward and ask ourselves, “Am I part of the problem? Am I well-informed? Have I looked at the issues through the eyes of others? Where is our common ground? What do we need to do?”

Put aside our differences on divisive issues.
Listen for shared concerns and ask questions for clarity.
Speak to be understood and engaging.
Ask other citizens for their participation in the change process.

We must work together to develop and share our vision for educating children.

If we are to move forward with solutions, truly change and make progress, it will take more public participation because…

“…commitment, accountability, and desired outcomes are more likely to be achieved if those affected by a policy have meaningfully participated in the formulation of the policy or practice.”
Dr. Seymour Sarason (1919-2010)

“…when educational leaders understand and acknowledge that the change process itself is a factor to be accommodated in their school improvement efforts…and when they develop plans that take these factors into account, then they will be providing leadership that guides, manages, and supports change. Only then will the likelihood of school improvement be realized.” Shirley Hordchange-your-mind-picture-quote


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