Fooled Again?

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.” Albert Einstein

When did we stop questioning “the powers that be” in education reform? Or, did we ever stop?

Learn from yesterday. In every meeting I attended about  “reform” since 1999, the authorities were questioned – even challenged – most often by multiple “un-associated” individuals. But the prevailing direction of “change” was never altered from that which officialdom had predetermined. The pretense of an “open” decision-making process prevailed and official “duty” was preserved — on paper. I don’t care to say what I learned, then. But now is the time to see things differently and question the lessons learned.

Live for today. Today presents another chance. That chance at setting things right means looking back at what did not work and why. Those that believe we can maybe get the political process to work this time might not have been fooled in the past; they may be new at this “game.” But those of us who have been-there, done-that have a duty to voice our distrust of the process and question the “powers” by asking that they prove us wrong – demonstrate that they even understand our view. Have you ever heard the powers talk about public opinion and how we see our own schools?

Hope for tomorrow? That depends on what we do today. I hope we don’t let ourselves be fooled the same way, again.

Happy April 1st.

What Lessons Were Learned?

What Lessons Were Learned?