Exposing Educational Parasites

Look closer.

Look closer.

Parasites multiply when the conditions are right. As a veterinarian, I’ve found that people don’t need convincing to rid their pets of parasites that they can see. If they can see them, they want the parasites gone. But the internal parasites — the ones they cannot or rarely see — are  harder to convince them to take action against.

I have seen animals in high parasite areas that were having their blood sucked from the inside and until the resulting anemia caused signs, the animals didn’t get the attention they needed. Damage was done.

Now, it is spring and in certain areas of the country that means a rise in parasites because the conditions are right. But that warning on behalf of helping my furry friends isn’t why I’m writing this; I hope to make a memorable point.

When it comes to education reform laws and their intentions, more often than not, it is hard for the public to see the parasites feeding off the dysfunction of the system. Dysfunction — in a few schools or at the level of national law — is the condition that allows the education-industrial complex to multiply and suck public funds from our pockets — right in front of our eyes.

We see the education “programs” costing us but we rarely are able to see what is happening internally — at the heart of OUR government. We have yet to rid ourselves of the internal parasites. “They” are currently the same ones that put bad laws into place and have refused to make them right. They all know that No Child Left Behind had “unintended consequences.” Certainly they must know it is wrong to sit by and let the “patients” suffer.

“They” are our congressional representatives, governors, and chief state school officers. And so many other groups have offered better treatment solutions.

It is hard to rid ourselves of things we can’t identify. So my prescription is multifaceted. Expose the parasites. Call them out; ask for answers as to why they have not acted to change the law and what their intentions are. Ask for documentation of their work. Call it an “accountability” mechanism. Sanction them if you don’t give the right answers.

Make things right.

Then, the very best medicine I can prescribe is prevention of the problem in the future. We need involved, informed, forward-thinking leaders that will work with and for us — not against U.S.!

I can only hope all political parasites will be exposed and remembered in November —- consistently, every November, until the problem is eliminated.

4 thoughts on “Exposing Educational Parasites

  1. I’ve viewed the teacher’s unions as being co-opted by the more powerful. There are individuals within that are parasites for sure – taking teachers dollars and not representing them well. But I think – just opinion here – the unions themselves are being used…more like puppets.

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